Understanding the Equal Access Act…

Under the federal Equal Access Act, students may gather on campus during non-instructional time to discuss religious, political or other topics/interests. First Priority students and our organization are committed to following these guidelines as set forth under the EAA.

To learn more about the EAA, click here:

Understanding the Equal Access Act

groupsguide (1) (federal government: guidelines for clubs)

Students, interested in starting a group?


In order to start a First Priority group on your middle or high school’s campus, you will need to:

  1. Pray for God’s will
  2. Talk to other Christians friends about helping you
  3. Find a teacher who is willing to host the meetings
  4. Contact us for more information

If you would like more information on how to start a group, please fill out the form here:

How to be an effective student leader:

How To be an Effective Student Leader




When you shop AmazonSmile

When you shop on AmazonSmile, please remember to register First Priority of Tampa Bay as your charity. A percentage of your purchase will be donated to us. Thank you!

Thank you, Spirit FM, for supporting our ministry!

We would like to thank Spirit FM 90.5 for providing radio spots promoting our ministry. Jamie Derzypolski, our very own ministry board member and drive time radio host at Spirit FM, is hosting the spots!

Tune into Spirit FM all day, every day to listen, and please help us out by sharing on social media if you happen to hear our spot.


His Helping Hands Food Ministry….

First Priority students were invited to participate in the Helping Hands ministry on Good Friday. There were 8 students who attended and who helped to serve food to over 100 people in need. It was a wonderful way to celebrate our Lord and Savior.

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Students on mission….

During the week of March 9th-14th which was spring break for Hillsborough County schools, Amber Johansen led a team of 16 to the Dominican Republic through SCORE International. The team, compromised of mostly First Priority students, fed 14o families (one bag of food will feed a family of 5 for a week) and gave away supplies to 4 schools; supplies and funds for food were donated by families of STF and by friends of the team.

In addition to feeding 140 families, the team was able to minister to local families by playing with the children and sharing the Gospel message. Over 250 Dominicans heard the Gospel message, and many prayed to receive Christ or to rededicate themselves to the Lord.

Students were given the opportunity to share their faith, to participate in group devotionals and to attend church. It was a great chance to seek and to share God!

Our canned food challenge was a huge success!


Pastor Juan delivering all the food items donated by Franklin MS students

Congratulations, Franklin Middle School!

We would like to congratulate Franklin MS/Boys’ Prep Academy for winning our Canned Food Challenge! The boys turned in the most canned food items out of all our campus clubs (more than 500 items). Madison MS was in a close second position….congrats to them as well!
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Parent Involvement Award

In May of 2013, Amber Johansen was chosen parent volunteer of the year for Hillsborough County Schools. Nominated by Madison Middle School, the award was given for her service as a school leader, volunteer and mentor. This is the second time Amber has been nominated by Madison Middle School for a district award.

Parents Have Biggest Impact on Student Success

Research has long pointed to socioeconomic indicators as reasons for or against student achievement. Recently, however, researchers have begun to argue that there is a bigger factor to consider: the student’s home environment. More important than income, is the need for parent support. The greater the parent support, the greater the student success; no matter the income of the family. Read more →

Dominican Republic Mission

Pictured above is Amber with students of a village school in the Dominican Republic. Every year Amber takes a team that includes many First Priority students to the DR to feed the families and to provide supplies for schools in many of the poor villages.

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