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Information about the Equal Access Act which upholds the right for students to meet on campus:

Understanding the Equal Access Act

Information about the First Amendment: Understanding the First Amendment  

Link here for more information about free speech 

Hillsborough County Public Schools Guidelines, Policies/Procedures for Faith Based partnerships:  Faith-Based Partnership Guidelines

Diagram for serving on campus; guidelines for faith based organizations: Diagram for serving on campus

Learn more about a recent challenge to a school district concerning Christian organizations: News Release (RE Bossier Schools – 9-25-2015) (1)

Teachers’ guide concerning faith:   teachersguide

Photo release forms: First Priority PHOTOGRAPHIC RELEASE LETTER

Community service forms (Hillsborough County): community_service_proposal_hillsborough-county-schools        comm_service_log_hillsborough-county-schools              Informed Consent and Release Form for a Minor