First Priority of Tampa Bay serves Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco Counties


Register now for REVIVE student training…

Register now for REVIVE student training…

What is REVIVE Annual Student Training? It’s an training for new and returning First Priority students to learn how to use First Priority club/group resources. What students can expect at REVIVE training: An awesome worship band, to meet other students, free lunch, breakout sessions on how to start a club/group, and student testimonies. Youth leaders and faculty sponsors/hosts are also invited (You must be associated with a youth group or local school to attend; this is NOT a public event; those not able to show association will be asked to leave).


Please register for one of these free REVIVE student training dates:

Saturday, August 12th, 2017 from 11am-1pm at Christian Family Church (3457 W.Kenyon Ave., Tampa 33614)


Saturday, August 19th from 11am-1:30pm at Liberty Baptist Church (9401 4th St N, St. Petersburg 33702)

All middle/high school students and youth leaders are invited. Click here to register


What to expect: An awesome worship band, free lunch, student testimonies, breakout sessions to learn how to start or relaunch an FP club/group





Did you miss us on the radio?

Did you miss us on the radio?

If you missed us on the radio this week, please click the link below to listen to the podcast. We would like to thank Jim and Martha Brangenberg of iWork4Him radio show (Monday-Friday @ 3pm on 570 & 910 AM).



Check out the iWork4Him website:

Volunteer Training…

Volunteer Training…

The following training dates are for youth pastors/leaders who are currently serving with us or are interested in serving (not open to the general public). Please email us at to sign up for  one of these training dates.

Current volunteers (served during the 2016-2017 school year):

Monday, August 14, 2017 from 9:30am-11am at South Tampa Fellowship, Ballast Point campus


New volunteers (you are considered “new” if you did not serve during the 2016-2017 school year):

Thursday, August 24, 2017 from 6:30pm-8pm at First Baptist Riverview
Sunday, August 27, 2017 from 2pm-3:30pm at Glory to Glory Ministries in Temple Terrace


Click here to see the diagram for faith based organizations serving on campus: Diagram for serving on campus

How to Start a First Priority Group on Your School’s Campus

How to Start a First Priority Group on Your School’s Campus

The following steps provide a guide for students who would like to establish a First Priority club or group on their middle or high school campuses. If the group meets on “club day” during instructional time, then it is considered a club and will follow the guidelines of the Equal Access Act. If the group meets on a non-club day and during non-instructional time, then it is considered a “group” which is afforded First Amendment rights to gather.

□ Step 1: Obtain Information
Review the First Priority website; contact First Priority for more information about starting a club or group

□ Step 2: Recruit a Team
Recruit Christian friends from your youth group who would like to start a new group; pray for God to guide your group through the process of bringing the message of HOPE to your school.

□ Step 3: Find a Faculty Member
Find a faculty member who is willing to host meetings. If your group meets on “club day”, you may be required to have a faculty sponsor.

□ Step 4: Complete Formal Request
Turn in any necessary paper work to the school’s administration. Request a day and time for meetings. This may require help from the faculty member (these steps are only required if your group meets on “club day”).

□ Step 5: Schedule Training
Contact First Priority to request training

□ Step 7: Get Organized
 agree on how students will communicate (consider using the Remind or GroupMe app)
 equip students to facilitate the HOPE cycle
 set a date and time for meetings to begin
 invite friends and promote meetings
 keep a weekly log of attendance numbers

Have questions? email


Students on mission over Spring Break

Students on mission over Spring Break

Several of our First Priority leaders were on mission with us to the Dominican over Spring Break. It was a life changing experience for everyone. Please click here to read more:  Ministry Report March 2017


First Priority community provides for a family

First Priority community provides for a family

Thank you to all the First Priority friends who helped us provide for a family in need this Christmas. We are grateful for the opportunity to reflect Christ’s love and compassion to families in our community.

How to re-launch your group

How to re-launch your group

Students, the following checklist will help you re-launch your group (additional steps may apply). Email us if you need resources or in-school training:

Checklist for re-launch:

  • Confirm faculty member is willing to host meetings
  • Confirm meeting day, time and location (for each lunch period, if applicable)
  • If needed, provide the administration with Letter of Intent (click here): Letter of Intent
  • Set a date for the first meeting
  • Meet with student leaders to plan the first meeting and first H.O.P.E. cycle
  • Be sure all leaders have access to H.O.P.E resources
  • Request help from First Priority as needed

Checklist for first HELP WEEK:

  • Meeting room is confirmed and meeting has been advertised to students; resources are printed
  • A student opens and closes in prayer; a student leads the lesson; a student reports attendance
  • Students are invited back; student leaders are prepared for OVERCOME WEEK

*First Priority equips Christian students to run First Priority student groups on campus. All meetings are student-led and student-initiated, and follow the weekly HOPE model

Student Training

Student Training

Request training today!

If you would like a First Priority representative to speak to your church’s youth group, please email us: 



Blessing teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week…

Blessing teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week…

With the help of donation partners, we were able to provide a catered lunch or hot breakfast to faculty at 8 schools in Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties. We are grateful for the hard work of all faculty and appreciate the opportunity to thank them.

We would like to thank all of our donation partners, especially the following:

South Tampa Fellowship
Publix Supermarkets
Relevant Church
New Beginnings Church
Southside Baptist Church
Seminole First Baptist
Cindy Barksdale Catering

Understanding the Equal Access Act…

Understanding the Equal Access Act…

Under the federal Equal Access Act, students may gather on campus during non-instructional time to discuss religious, political or other topics/interests. First Priority students and our organization are committed to following these guidelines as set forth under the EAA.

To learn more about the EAA, click here:

Understanding the Equal Access Act

groupsguide (1) (federal government: guidelines for clubs)