First Priority counts on financial support from private donors and church partners. Because we are a registered 501(c)3, all donations are tax deductible.

Your support will provide:

  • On-going training for student leaders
  • Providing support materials and resources for campus meetings
  • Training volunteers and church partners
  • Mentor at-risk students or teen mothers

Adult Volunteers

If you are a youth pastor/leader who has a relationship with Christ and would like to support students, please contact us for more information.

Teacher Hosts

If you are a faculty member at a middle or high school and willing to host a First Priority club, please contact us for more information.

First Priority campus groups/clubs are student-led as mandated by federal and local guidelines, and First Priority of Tampa Bay is committed to following these guidelines. However, under certain conditions, adults may provide training and support to ensure that the groups are healthy and sustainable. If you are a youth leader, youth pastor or parent who would like to find out more about supporting a campus group/club, please contact us. A staff member will contact you shortly.

All volunteers interacting with First Priority students must submit to an in person interview, annual training and pass an annual background check. No volunteer may attend a campus group meeting without being cleared first by the school district and by First Priority of Tampa Bay. All volunteers are closely supervised and held to the highest Biblical standard.

Prayer Teams: If you would like to form a prayer group for students, and need meeting resources, please contact us.

As a Christian parent, you are probably already praying for your child. We want to challenge you to broaden your perspective by praying for your child’s entire student body and school administration. Here are a couple of ways you can pray for your child’s school:

  • Pray for hurting students who need HOPE
  • Pray for students to be willing to share their faith on campuses
  • Pray for Christian students to have a deep concern for others on campus; especially those who do not know Christ
  • Pray for school administrators and faculty members
  • Pray for unity among area churches

Vision Casting
As a parent, you have an opportunity to share the mission of First Priority. We encourage you to contact other adults from your community to express the vision and excitement of the First Priority campus clubs. Our office can provide brochures or other needed resources.

Parents are able to be involved in First Priority in many ways. Volunteer involvement gives you a chance to make a difference in the lives of many young people and to model the character of Christ to others.

Parents can give directly to First Priority. We are fully funded by private donations.

Please pray regularly for the schools, the faculty and the students in your community. Please continue to encourage your students to start or to get involved in a club at their schools. Please consider inviting a First Priority representative to speak to your youth group, congregation or missions department; hosting a “First Priority Sunday” where student leaders are featured; and helping us to connect with other local churches.

The local church congregation can play a significant role in supporting students within your community. Nothing is more powerful for students than to have the support and encouragement of their local church congregation. Listed below are some ways you can make a positive difference in the lives of students:

  • Seek out students in your church and let them know you are praying for them
  • Host prayer gatherings in your Sunday school classes or small groups within your church
  • Donate goods/services to the First Priority club or organization
  • Ask First Priority students and leaders to speak during a Sunday service
  • Focus on specific schools each month in your bulletin, church newsletter or special flyer
  • Ask your local church to contribute to First Priority from their missions-giving budget

There are many ways to volunteer in our ministry. Below is a list of opportunities available at this time:

  • serve at our events~ time commitment varies
  • serve on our Prayer Team or Hospitality Team~ time commitment varies
  • serve as a volunteer at a school~ time varies; district must approve