Students, the following checklist will help you re-launch your group (additional steps may apply). Email us if you need resources or in-school training:

Checklist for re-launch:

  • Confirm faculty member is willing to host meetings (email us for a club/group packet)
  • Confirm meeting day, time and location (for each lunch period, if applicable)
  • If needed, provide the administration with Letter of Intent (click here):Letter of Intent to Meet
  • Set a date for the first meeting
  • Meet with student leaders to plan the first meeting and first H.O.P.E. cycle
  • Be sure all leaders have access to H.O.P.E resources (download the cheat sheet): HOPE Strategy cheat sheet
  • Request help from First Priority as needed 

Checklist for first HELP WEEK:

  • Meeting room is confirmed and meeting has been advertised to students; resources are printed
  • A student opens and closes in prayer; a student leads the lesson; a student reports attendance
  • Students are invited back; student leaders are prepared for OVERCOME WEEK

Suggested launch dates:
Week of 8/21: Leaders meet with faculty sponsor/host
Week of 8/28: First group meeting to train all students on the HOPE cycle
Week of 9/4: First cycle begins with HELP Week (lesson found under “students” tab)


*First Priority equips Christian students to run First Priority student groups on campus. All meetings are student-led and student-initiated, and follow the weekly HOPE model