The following steps provide a guide for students who would like to establish a First Priority club or group on their middle or high school campuses. If the group meets on a non-club day and during non-instructional time, then it is considered a “group” which is afforded First Amendment rights to gather.


□ Step 1: Obtain Information
Review the First Priority website to understand the FP mission and leadership requirements; contact First Priority for more information about starting a group by texting the words JOIN NOW to 1-844-302-9219 or email us at 

□ Step 2: Recruit a Team
Recruit 2-3 Christian friends who would like to help you start a FP group; pray for God to guide your group through the process of bringing the message of HOPE to your school.

□ Step 3: Find a Faculty Member
Find a faculty member who is willing to host your weekly meetings. The faculty member will not participate in the weekly meetings; he/she will provide the meeting space and be present for the meetings.

□ Step 4: Agree on Meeting Time
Set a day and time for the weekly meetings and a date to launch, and have both approved by the faculty host. If your group will also meet on “Club Day”, you may require help from a faculty member.

□ Step 5: Schedule Training
Contact First Priority to request training, which can be held on or off campus:,

□ Step 6: Launch Your Group (after your leadership team has been trained)
 agree on how students will communicate (consider using the Remind or GroupMe app)
 equip students to facilitate the HOPE cycle
 invite friends and promote meetings
 report weekly attendance numbers