Launch a Club

The following steps are designed to help students launch a First Priority campus group. These steps may or may not happen simultaneously. Please contact us for guidance and training:

  1. Obtain information about First Priority: Read through the website to understand the mission of the campus clubs, the requirements of student leaders, and the HOPE Cycle.
  2. Develop a leadership team: Recruit 2-3 Christians who would like to help you launch a First Priority Christian group.
  3. Secure a teacher host: Speak with and confirm a teacher who is willing to host your weekly meetings and possibly speak to Administration on behalf of the group.
  4. Schedule meeting day and time: Confirm with the leadership team and teacher host the weekly meeting day and time.
  5. Turn-in paper work: If your Principal requires paperwork to launch a group, please provide the Intent to Meet form [see below]
  6. Schedule training: Contact us to provide on or off campus training to you and your leadership team.
  7. Schedule a launch date: Confirm the launch date with the leadership team, teacher host, and First Priority staff member.
  8. Launch your group: Advertise your meetings via social media and posters; assign leadership roles; and report attendance.