Students, you have an opportunity to meet informally as a First Priority group during non-academic time, at any point during the school year. Your right to do so falls under the First Amendment. Please contact us for guidance, training or resources for starting a group or club:

Reasons to be a First Priority leader:

  1. You are able to share the HOPE and truth of Jesus with friends at school
  2. An opportunity to develop your leadership and public speaking skills
  3.  An opportunity to work with and serve other students
  4.  An opportunity to develop younger students as leaders
  5.  You  may include your leadership position on college and employment applications
  6. You may request a recommendation letter for your service

The requirements of a First Priority leader:

    1. A follower of Jesus and a faithful member of a local church/youth group
    2. Others’ minded and service oriented
    3. A team builder and inclusive
    4. Faithful and reliable
    5. A leader interested in seeing others reach their potential in Christ
    6. Able to attend and lead the weekly meetings
    7. Able to work with Administrators in a God-honoring way 

    How to relaunch your group (2019-2020):

              1. Confirm faculty member is available to host meetings 
              2. Confirm meeting day, time and location (for each lunch period, if applicable)
              3. If needed, provide the administration with Letter of Intent Letter of Intent
              4. Set a date for the first meeting
              5. Notify First Priority with meeting information (can be done on the website, app or by email)
              6. Meet with student leaders to plan the first HOPE cycle; have all resources needed HOPE Strategy cheat sheet
              7. Use the first meeting to train students on the purpose of First Priority
              8. Request help from First Priority as needed

    Understanding the Equal Access Act:

    These resources help students to understand their rights for meeting on campus, regardless of the meeting’s content (religious, political or otherwise):

    Understanding the First Amendment
    Understanding the Equal Access Act
    Bill of Rights for Student1
    Religious rights on school campuses

    How to Start a First Priority Group:

    Want to know how to start a club or group? Click here: checklist-for-launching-first-priority

    Tips for sharing the gospel:

    Apologetics for students:

    Want tips on how to defend your faith? Click here:

    Questions and answers for students:

    Have questions about you rights? Click here: questions-and-answers-for-students

    Do student-led clubs/groups have the right to put parameters on who is able to lead? Yes. Click here to read the Supreme Court decision:

    HOPE cycle lessons and resources (2019-2020):


Hope Cycle 4 Why do we read the bible fall 2019
HOPE Cycle 5-A New Creation fall 2019
HOPE cycle 6-Suffering Spring 2020
HOPE Cycle 7 spring 2020
HOPE Cycle 8 Confession, Repentance, Forgiveness Spring 2020
HOPE Cycle 1 Virtual Lesson updated