First Priority is committed to following the guidelines of the federal Equal Access Act as it relates to students, teachers and visitors. Understanding your role as a faculty sponsor or host of a First Priority club meeting is vital.

If First Priority is meeting as a formal club on “club day” or during a “club period” then a Faculty Sponsor is required. If the First Priority student group elects to meet during a time not designated as a “club day” (before or after school, or during lunch) then the group is meeting informally and does not require a sponsor or a faculty member to be present. However, the students may need help from a faculty member to secure a meeting location or to be present at meetings.

Under the federal Equal Access Act, teachers serve in a “custodial” role. Teachers may help students secure a meeting location, communicate with administration, access school and First Priority resources, and help students maintain the club. However, teachers can NOT participate in or lead the meetings, or pray with students. If you have questions or would like to request a club/group packet, please contact us: infofirstpriority@gmail.com .


Here are a few resources to help:

U.S. Department of Education: Legal Guidelines Regarding Equal Access:

A Teacher’s Guide to Religion in Public Schools:

Understanding the Equal Access Act:
Understanding the Equal Access Act

Contact us to receive a 2018-2019 club packet: infofirstpriority@gmail.com

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