Student-led Christian groups on middle and high school campuses

The steps for launching a club

Students, Due to current pandemic guidelines, we are offering three options for launching or being involved in a First Priority club this fall. Please text the words JOIN NOW to 1-844-302-9219, if you are not receiving the weekly text updates from First Priority. A...

Understanding the Equal Access Act…

Under the federal Equal Access Act and the First Amendment, students may gather on campus during non-instructional time to discuss religious, political or other topics/interests. To learn more about the EAA, click here: Understanding the Equal Access Act...

How to re-launch your group

Students, the following checklist will help you re-launch your group (additional steps may apply). Email us if you need resources or in-school training: Checklist for re-launch: Confirm faculty member is willing to host meetings (email us...

Student Training

Request training today! If you would like a First Priority representative to speak to your church's youth group, please email us:     

“God is empowering me to invest in the lives of others, and it is showing the never-failing, rich power and glory of the LORD” -Bloomingdale H.S. Student

First priority is something I look forward to every week. It’s such a blessing to have a faith-based group on campus.
Middle school student in Pinellas

I  have had 4 friends, who were previously un-churched, start coming to my youth group because of First Priority.

Robinson H.S. Student

“I’ve seen a boldness in my son to share Christ with his friends and learn more about the Gospel”
FP Parent

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